What’s Inside Sandy’s Upscale Consignment?

On a visit to Sandy’s Upscale Consignment, you will find hand-selected quality women’s apparel and accessories in a professional and organized environment. You’ll find everything from casual to cocktail (blue jeans to elegant evening wear.) Sandy’s carry an extensive selection of shoes, handbags and jewelry.

The items in the store are brought in on consignment and the original owner is paid 40% upon any sale. Only the highest quality, in-season women’s fashions are accepted. Sandy doesn’t mind being called “picky” – because she is!

How do I go about being a consigner?

Clean out those closets! Make three piles – 1) Things to go to Sandy’s (high-quality designer wear in excellent condition); 2) Things to Keep (only those items you love in which you feel great!); 3) Things to donate (help someone in need and make room for new favorites!) Remember – if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t… Please call ahead – (262) 275-8221.

What if the clothing I bring in is not sold?

Sandy’s Upscale Consignment will donate them for you.

Why should I make the trip to Sandy’s?

That’s simple. you can enjoy shopping in a wonderful environment – look fabulous for less and still have enough money left for lunch!